Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I know it's too early to be thinking about swimming suits but I have a lingering need to see Kendi in a too-cute-suit, since she didn't get home in time for summer swimming last year. =-) I bought this adorable suit with monkeys on it in 2T but it literally feel off her tiny hips. We went to a 12 mont suit this time. It's still sort hanging on her tiny hiney! LOL! But cute, right? Those are little blue fish swimming around. =-)

I figured it would be good to get a few pics of her tummy before the button/tube goes in. She probably won't want to wear 2 peices once she's old enough to notice the scare. The scar basically looks like another belly button. Samren went through a stage where he was very embarrassed of his "second belly button" but he's over it again now.

P.S. No "tsking" at the ashy legs! She wore tights today, which always does a number on her legs--all that friction all day long!


Megan 8:56 PM  

Way too cute!! She just rocks that swimsuit!

Cora 9:52 PM  

Too Cute!

Heather A. 10:25 PM  

That is so darn adorable. Even if she doesn't have the hair yet, she still looks like a star with the snazzy duds.