Monday, February 01, 2010

Valentine's Inspired...

Tomorrow we are heading to Arkansas as a family, to see Dr. Stovall and the crew and get Kendi started on meds. We always try to look extra cute when we actually LEAVE the house (imagine!), so I set Taevy lose on a hairstyle blog and told her to pick a style she wanted to do tonight. She chose THIS hairstyle. We spiced it up a little with thin french braids down and around each side. Pretty cute!In other hair styling news, the Uncle Funky's Daughter "Curly Magic" arrived today. Smell: really too light to even mention. Feel: Sort of like a thick caramel sauce (but obviously not as sticky). Results: About as good as we can get with Kendi's hair. It made her frizz turn into tiny little ringlet curls. It has a bit of a stiff feel when it's dry, but Kendi's natural feel is extremely fine/soft, so if your child has coarse hair you probably wouldn't notice. It is a HUGE container.

Happy Hair Adventures!


Cora 9:28 PM  

Cute! what a fun style.

whenpigsfly 11:36 AM  

I Love Taevy's choice of hair styles!!! I may have to copy that here for Naomi and Rachel!!!