Sunday, March 07, 2010

Best Buddies

Taevy and Bright took the camera out today, to take pictures of each other. They did a pretty good job, right? Especially Bright! Bright and Taevy have been hanging out a lot more lately. They both have a love of the arts in common. She and Bright can draw and paint and photograph for hours on end. I love that these two "least likely to be close" siblings have such a special connection.


Heather A. 9:38 PM  

So beautiful! I love the one with Bright in his lime green hat!

The Last Crusade 10:07 PM  

That is so adorable! You have a beautiful family!

Cora 10:27 PM  

Wow those are great. I think you might have a little photographer in the making!

whenpigsfly 2:26 PM  

They both have a good eye for a picture needing to be snapped! What a fun afternoon to remember.

tdiva2000 3:41 PM  

I really love those pictures they took!!