Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hair Night--Piggy Back Ponies

She wasn't a happy client tonight. =-)


Cora 10:33 PM  

too funny, she is cute even when she is a little pouty.

whenpigsfly 11:09 PM  

I love what you do with Kendi's hair even if she doesn't always!! One of these days she will know what you are doing is really a cool thing . Love the sun dress too!

Stephanie 11:21 PM  

Smile Miss look beautiful!

Story of our Life 8:59 AM  

awww how sweet.

Anita, when I was just looking at the pics Nia just said "Hey momma...I LIKE HER. She has brown skin JUST LIKE ME...and she has baby hair JUST LIKE I DID...I have big girl hair now." aww...amazing that even though she is 6, cognitively she is moments she is able to recognize and verbalize those things. :)

And then....

She said " my hair JUST LIKE HERS"

I just spend 2 hrs doing her hair on Fri night. Guess needs to be redone. So I guess 2night...I know what I will be doing. :)

Heather A. 9:23 PM  

Those look so adorable!

A. Gillispie 10:42 PM  

Ha! Gala, Nia wins the prize for beng the first person ever to want to have their hair done like Kendi's! Did you see that tiny hairs are finally starting to fill in he huge "receding hairline" thing she's got going on? One day, she may in fact, not look like a little old man head!