Saturday, March 06, 2010

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Is this not the cutest sundress? K-Mart. $7.00. I couldn't resist. =-) They also have very cute winter clearance going on for $3.99. Just for Heather A. I got an adorable Disney Fairies outfit (jacket, shirt, and pants) for $3.99 for next winter!
P.S. Sorry for so many posts about "stuff" lately. I just get excited about really good deals. And Eric's bonus came in so this is our time of year to buy clothes.


Heather A. 5:38 PM  

I erased your email by accident, but did want to say that it was sooo helpful, as was the video! Such an easy thing, really.

You're such an asset to the adoption community my friend!

Felicia 4:31 PM  

I love the beginnings of a hair style. One day she will be fully accessorized with hair beads.