Wednesday, March 03, 2010

FOR REAL??!?!?! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it! After 2 and a half years, I found Bright's "lost" birth certificate! Ach! I can't believe it! We have had to use an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number since Bright got home because we couldn't get his social security number without the birth certificate. We haven't been able to readopt because we didn't have the birth certificate. Now we can do those things!!!

I have turned our house upside down looking for this thing. I have tried several times to have someone in Ghana help me get a new birth certificate, and wasted a lot of money doing so! [Still no new birth certificate, by the way.] Losing that birth certificate was like a huge failure! What mom loses her kid's only birth certificate?! And I'm supposed to be the adoption "professional," right?! Ack!

But it turns out, I didn't lose it. I just didn't know where it was (for 2.5 years). It was in a safe place, somewhere underneath one of the peices of our bedroom furniture. LOL! We moved our room around yesterday. I was cleaning up the big trash pile from under the furniture today. I was about to throw away this peice of folded paper when I thought I should at least see what it was. The birth certificate!


Brian 8:54 PM  

Glad you found it. It does bring back funny memories of racing back and forth across Accra getting signatures, names spelled correctly, another a process that changed day to day. I can't imagine doing it from overseas.

Nadia 8:56 PM  

we have all those papers wrapped in plastic in a duotang and shoved in our freezer!!

Cora 11:46 PM  

you totally crack me up because that is something I would do. so happy you found it.