Monday, March 01, 2010

Pride and Poopy =-)

Bright's poopy issues seem to be pretty much resolved. If we stop the miralax he "stops" as well, but as long as we give it to him regularly he is "regular" as well. Every once in a while the poopy will get the best of him and he'll have an accident. Today I was resting (bad fibro day) while the little kids napped and the big kids worked on school independantly. I got up to use the restroom and noticed that the shower was going. Hmm... I opened the shower door up to see Bright standing there. "What are you doing Bright?" Matter of factly he says, "I'm taking a hot shower." Okay then!

Turns out he had had a poopy accident during his nap. Not wanting to disturb me the big kids took it upon themselves to clean Bright up. Isn't that sweet? They not only cleaned him up, but also started a load of laundry for his nasty clothes. I'm so proud of them when they do things out of the kindness of their hearts! =-)



Renee 9:27 PM  

You have a great family!

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin 10:22 PM  

Looking for help on adopting in country. Did you use an agency or adopt in country? WEe are looking at Ghana. Your help would be apprciated if you have advice. Loved the pictures of your crew! Blessings - Robin

Story of our Life 11:08 PM  

It took Bry a couple of years on this to 'not' have to take it regularly anymore. Our GI specialist told us to keep it up for a min. of 1 year. Then back down to once a didn't work. We tried it again every 3 months (or so) to slowly back down.

Then right before he went to Kindergarten we ended it. started and he was back on it for a few months.

Totally it was about 2 yrs solid b4 we didn't give it to him on a regular basis. Now, hasn't needed it in over a year...


Cora 12:17 PM  

So happy to hear he is doing better!