Monday, March 22, 2010

Goodbye, dream.

My friends and I have been working hard to realize a dream for almost three years. The dream was a safe place. It was a place for healing. It was a place for opportunity. It was a place where miracles could happen. It was a place where miracles DID happen!

But tonight my friends and I are letting go of the dream. I suppose it's a lot like when you have a vison for a house remodel, but you can't get the right permits from the city to do things like you want to. We just couldn't get the right permit. We had everything we needed, except the permit. We thought about building our dream anway--forget the permits. But we didn't want to be told we could never build in the city again! So...with sadness...we let go of our dream. We submitted to the power of the tough city permit guy. We told him we were sorry for making such a fuss.

Hopefully the permit guy will feel okay about us in the future and allows us to build our dream with a different set of plans. I have a feeling it will work out that way. There are lots of ways to build a dream.


Heather A. 10:56 PM  

My friend, my heart aches tonight. EH was such a special place, somewhere my Mary knew unconditional love, always had plenty to eat, got started on her education, made friends, found a family. . . .

But even though change is difficult, it sometimes brings forth something more beautiful than before. I don't look at this as a dream never realized. I think of as fullfilling the dream in a different, unexpected, but just as beautiful way. I once dreamed of having three beautiful Chinese daughters, but my dream changed, my path altered and the reality is more beautiful than I expected or hoped for. I'm praying that this new development in Ghana also proves to be just as wonderful as EH, for Ghana families and children and for US families and children.

azdavidson 11:42 PM  

I have been so sad all day. I am just bummed.
Eban House was a special place. I was fortunate to see the kids there and their joy. The way they worked, learned and played together. They were happy there.
When Caleb looks back at his experience before coming to our home to be our son, it is Eban House he misses. His aunties, his friends, his school.
Be proud of the home you built there and the positive experience you provided the children that resided there as they prepared to go to their forever homes. They came in battered and almost broken having suffered loss and there at Eban, they started to blossom. The children grew in size, in spirit and in faith under the care of the aunties there. God bless you and AAI for all you have done. I pray other doors are opened and something good comes of this in the future.

blessedfamily 12:30 AM  

I think I missed something?!?!

Cora 8:14 AM  

it is hard to let go of a dream but I hope that there are new dreams in the waiting and new ways to move forward.

Take Care

mary grace 1:18 PM  

I THINK I know what you're talking about, but I'm not sure. At any rate, letting a dream go is one of the hardest things I've ever done as Christian. You know that there was one dream that we had to let go of( Ghana) but God opened other doors ... doesn't mean it isn't hard, though.

Lois 2:30 PM  

You changed the lives of children and families. The future will be different than your dream, but it will be just as bright!

Michelle 4:41 PM  

ok...did you ever see the movie You've Got Mail with Meg Ryan. She is forced to close the little children's book store she loved and grew up in. She is able to find a new dream, calling, a new way to touch little child readers through becoming a children's author. I know it is pop culture and not the best movie ever...but I always think of this movie when my plans get unexpectedly changed for me and I am blinded to what my next step should be..when I have to hide my head under the covers and regroup. The door slams shut...but who knows what will be on the other side of the door that God opens.

I agree with the other comments..your vision and dedication HAS changed and will continue to change the lives of many children in Ghana. You ARE hands and feet with or without Eban House.

A. Gillispie 8:56 PM  

Thank you friends. I keep thinking of the what my pastor said during my whole childhood..."The best is yet to come." Having faith...believing what I can't see.