Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair Evolution: Swirly Q's

I just can't stand that Kendi loses a few hairs every time I put bands in. She doesn't have hairs to spare! So I decided to do simple two-strand twists and over tighten them so that they curled up on themselves. Not bantu knots. Not just twists. Something in between--swirly Q's! Notice the back of her head? Slowly but surely the big bald spot is going away!


Stephanie 7:41 PM  

Those looks really cute! Her hair is coming along nicely.

Stephanie 7:41 PM  


Shea 8:22 PM  

I can really tell her hair is growing! She is so cute!

whenpigsfly 10:10 PM  

Kendi's hair is growing! It is cute Anita!