Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome, Spring???

Yester day it was 74 degrees here. Today, THIS! I mean really?! Seriously?! It's still going on and we're supposed to get up to 12 inches (although it's melting because the ground temp is 45).
Did my children get excited? NO! Did they want to play in it? NO! We are Okies! We are DONE with snow by the time Daylight Savings rolls around. What is up?! =-)


Mama D.'s Dozen 12:23 AM  

We are still waiting for snow this year. Haven't had a drop. And ... we usually get a lot.

My eldest son moved to Dallas. He called tonight to tell us it was snowing. Go figure!


Rachel 2:55 PM  

We felt the same way when the snow came here! The kids played outside for a total of about 5 minutes. We've had more snow this year than I had my entire childhood! I loved it the first few times but now we're ready for flip-flop weather! :)

whenpigsfly 4:54 PM  

Our transplanted Okies LOVED every square inch of our snow...loved them to death as a matter of fact! Our back yard is now stripped bare of snow. Today the boy's back yard football game was mud ball.
I personally am quite glad to be looking outside my window now to see the front yard snow meltingas the sun shines down on us!!