Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bright, 3 years ago

Can it really be that it was THREE years ago when I took my first solo trip to Ghana to work on Bright's adoption? Whas he REALLY that young?! Wow! What a wild three years it has been! If you need something to read before you go to bed you can check out the archives for MARCH 2007 (starting March 7th) to see who I was then, and what the trip was like. I crack up now, at some of the things I wrote back then! But one thing for sure. I loved my baby boy back then as much as I do today.


Nadia 10:01 PM  

hehe, he's so cute, looks exactly the same. They grow TOO FAST!!! Jordyn's 7 now and has been home 5.5 years...wasn't it was just yesterday she was 18 months old and wearing 6-9 month clothes?? :(

Momto15 8:38 PM  

Really? seriously? THREE YEARS?? I can't believe it. Amazing. Love the pictures and memories!! :)

whenpigsfly 10:44 AM  

YES three years ago it was your trip for Bright and EIGHT YEARS AGO we were preparing to leave for Vietnam for Samren and Naomi! How the time does fly!!!!
Bright is simply adding to his cuteness every single day of his life Anita!
LOVE you Samren photos too, and Taevy's creativity. I'm sure we'll play the Come and Go game when your kiddos ae hee. PLEASE have Taevy bring her School BOx!!! I bet it will help keep things "normal " for your "Littles"!