Thursday, March 04, 2010

HIV Meds Through Mickey Button/G-tube

I thought someone out there might find it helpful/interesting to see what it's like to give Kendi her meds through the mickey button. Basically, I want people to see how NOT a big deal it is! =-) Taevy was our videographer this evening. =-)


Salzwedel Family 11:41 PM  

Thanks for sharing this. That looks pretty painless for all parties involved as compared to the struggles you had before. What a blessing!

Rachel 4:47 PM  

Her site looks great! Miss A has had an infection so ours looks nasty right now. How many weeks ago did you have the surgery? Is she totally healed up now? Thanks for sharing!

A. Gillispie 7:51 PM  

Rachel, I'm shocked at how quickly the incision site is healing. Her mickey site has leakage every day on the gauze, but Samren's did that the whole time he had his. I don't worry about it unless I see granulation!

She will have had her button for 3 weeks on Monday.

**Heidi** 11:00 AM  

Wow thanks for sharing! So glad this is making the meds easier for you both :0)

Rachel 10:37 PM  

I wonder if Kendi's site is so much better than A's or Samren's because Kendi is otherwise a pretty healthy child? The other two kids got their g-tubes because of health problems that kept them from eating so I wonder if their systems didn't react as well to the surgery? Just guessing. I'll be glad when A's site is looking better. Back to the doctor again tomorrow. I'm expecting they'll prescribe a new medication to help it heal since the one we have isn't working. :(

A. Gillispie 10:40 PM  

Rachel, do you have pics of her site? Is it infection, granulation, or just goey stuff (like snot) that makes crusties around the button? Kendi's got one problematic spot where I think we're fighting a little granulation. Other than that, she has the "g-tube snot" that Samren had the whole time he had his button. At any rate, I hope it gts better. But seriously, send pics!