Thursday, March 04, 2010

Taking the Bush Road

Back when we started thinking about adding Kendi to our family I started a private blog to chronicle my feelings. Back then we didn't know how open we wanted do be about her HIV, and I couldn't say with any sort of confidence that my case wouldn't receive any special treatment in Ghana (believe me, I can say that now!). The blog has been sitting unused since May, 2009. I just wanted to let my readers know it's out there, in case you would like to see what our family was really going through during Kendi's adoption--the good the bad and the ugly! I didn't go back and read the whole blog tonight, but if memory serves, there is more talk about HIV disclosure there than I brought up on this blog (obviously). It wasn't all chocolates and roses when we told our family about Kendi. Not only because of the HIV, but also because she was another child. "Don't you have enough kids?" Ach. I hate that one. Anyway, the link is below if you're like me and like to peer in on the lives of others!


Nadia 10:55 PM  

it's closed to uninvited readers :)

Beckie Sibley 12:06 AM  

Nadia is right. I can't access it either.

Dani Neumann 1:28 PM  

Fix it fix it!! ^_^ I'm really excited to read this

(By the way, if you're ever interested my blog is at now, not really adoption oriented... yet!!!)

Cora 2:52 PM  

I'd love to get an invitation. cora huffman at charter . net (no spaces)

Take Care,