Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kendi Medical Update

We got some GREAT news a few days ago! Kendi's HIV viral load has gone from 106,000 to 300! Only 300 copies left of that nasty virus in her little body! We fully expect that in the next month or so she will be "undetectable." [That basically means that she will have 1-50 copies of the virus, which would result in a negative result on your every-day HIV test. The copies would be too few to be "detected." She will always be positive, but they have to use a more sensitive test to get a positive result.]

Other good news is that her liver enzymes are all coming back down to normal. No Hep B. No Hep C!

She's got a pretty low count on vitamin D, so we started supplements for that (when good 'ol fashioned sunshine didn't do the trick). Problem is, she can't stand the taste of the vitamins and has started vomiting them. The g-tube doesn't do a lot of good when she vomits vitamins (and the meds she took earlier)! URGH! Super Nurse Nancy and Amazing Dr. S are working to find a solution there. Hoping there is a liquid form vit D supplement she can take so we can just push it through the tube.

That's the low-down on Kendi. She's doing awesome. We are so blessed to be in a country where she can get such amazing care.


C and G 9:38 PM  

Our family uses Biotics Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. It's 2,000 IU per drop. It is emulsified in sesame oil which makes it easier for your body to absorb. It tastes faintly of sesame but for an adult you only take two drops (well at least that is what my chiro recommends)

Anyways - it has been a really great option for us. My almost two year old takes it too!

C and G 9:39 PM  

OH! and yea yea yea on Kendi's numbers!

Heather A. 10:06 PM  

Praise God! What wonderful news Anita! I'm so happy for Kendi!

Salzwedel Family 10:46 PM  

Well praise the Lord! That is wonderful news. It is really encouraging to me as I feel we may adopt an HIV+ child one day.

Anonymous 10:59 PM  

Kendi's numbers are awesome! Very exciting news.

As for Vitamin D - we buy "Just-D" - no colors, no taste, no nothin'. It's just vitamin D. And it's in liquid form. I put it in our son's milk. He doesn't even notice it. I tried the milk as well, just to see - can't taste it at all...maybe even stick it in choc. milk as a special treat or something.

Renee 7:36 AM  

Praise the Lord \o/!!!

Arnold family 8:25 AM  

We are so happy that her count is down and so thankful that she now lives in a country where she will grow to be an old woman. Your family inspires me with our everyday trials. Blessing to you!

Holly Arnold :)

Cora 10:41 AM  

Great News!! I am sure you can find a liquid vitamin D I think i saw some at costco last week they were sampling it. Good luck.

We are Grateful!!! 11:35 AM  

Need to catch up on blogs as we have been away for while. Great news on Kendi. How encouraging! (I was justing thinking of Eric this morning and wondering how he is doing?)
Love the new look on the blog.

Michelle 1:38 PM  

Praise God!! That's great news!!

"M" and "C" 2:17 PM  

That is such great news Anita! And I LOVE her headband and dress!!!! Charmaine

Amy 7:58 PM  

YEA! That is JUST the kind of news you all deserve! So happy for sweet Kendi (in her fabulous little dress). Love ya!


In His Dust 8:00 PM  

Praise God!!! Love you guys!