Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It has been such a hectic month I haven't taken many pictures. You can always tell how crazy my life is by how many or few pictures I take. =-) Tonight after some company left we all played outside for a bit. Then of course I had to pull out my camera! I am so blessed with my beautiful children. Eric bought a bike off of Craig's List recently. He went on his first ride tonight (with Taevy). Pics of daddy and daughter are so precious to me--probably because I lost my dad at 18 and I so treasure any photo I have with him and I together.


Renee 7:49 PM  

So sweet!

LOVE Kendi's dress! It's so her!

Rachel 8:17 PM  

Beautiful family! My dad died when I was 15...I'm the same way @ pictures with him!

Salzwedel Family 10:45 PM  

Such a beautiful family!

tdiva2000 7:53 PM  

Mom I love that pic you took.