Thursday, March 11, 2010

Right about now...

Right about now thinking about going to work and saying, "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order please?" sounds pretty good. I'll never say I'm not blessed to have my job but some days are so emotionally draining. I don't think I would ever cry over someone's hamburger being mismade.


Bettina 10:02 PM  

Amen Anita! I'm certainly with you - it has been one of those days - but of course I wouldn't give them up for anything :)


The Last Crusade 10:11 PM  

You must be very passionate about what you do. Otherwise you wouldn't care enough to be emotionally drained! Hang in there!

Amy 10:46 PM  

Hugs Miss Anita. I'm sorry it was such a hard day. Always here for you if you need me Love!


Heather A. 10:47 PM  

Hugs my friend. Your caring and compassion makes you great at what you do.

Mama D.'s Dozen 2:29 AM  

Sorry about all the "stuff". Your heart was definitely in the right place. You made a call that you believed was very important ... and some people don't agree with you. Not fun!

Guess what? People don't always agree with me, either. I've made tough calls, and gotten flack for it, too.

Hope tomorrow is a better day!


HollyAnn 9:42 AM  

I hear ya friend! Just remember we are serving God! Parents many times will not understand what we do or why we do it (I didn't always as an adoptive parent either), but God is looking down and saying, "Well done my daughter! I am proud!!"

Cora 9:49 AM  

I have had those kind of days and i am not in an emotional job. Take care and although it is tough sometimes remember the days where the tears are joy filled.


SupermomE11 1:48 PM  

Hugs Anita!! I totally hear you. Enjoy the weekend. You are wonderful at what you do, and a huge part of that is because you care so much.


whenpigsfly 11:46 PM  

Oh how I miss the days when you were my adoption co-ordinator!! Your caring heart and dedication to open, frequent communication was wonderful...even when the news was not what we might want to hear, you made sure to say it and that we heard it. I'm sorry you were having to do the stuff you don't like to do!
I had a dream about you last night!!! It was weird. You were adopting two children; I was with you, you were expecting an older girl and a younger boy and the nanny brought you two girls.....You were MOST unhappy ....for about 15 seconds. I have no idea what that was about. Thought I'd tell you.......

tdiva2000 9:56 AM  

I hope your job will be ok .And I now it has been a hard dAY FOR YOU.

Brandi 7:23 PM  

Love you... I can only imagine... praying.