Saturday, March 27, 2010

This and That and the other Thing

Hey! It finally feels like things are slowing down after the recent Ghana program changes and the closure of Eban House. For the last few weeks I think I've apologized to my family a million times for "working" constantly. I am just so blessed with the families and colleagues I work with. Everybody has been super supportive and super flexible. I think so far only one family has made the decision to change programs. I expected more.

Have you ever heard of Keen shoes? I heard about them first from our HIV adoption coordinator, Erin. I'm trying to take my Plantar's Fasciitis seriously, which means my trusty 'ol crocs and slip on wal-mart sandals will not work for my upcoming trip. Thank goodness it's tax refund season! I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Keen athletic sandals. Never have I spent so much money on a pair of shoes in my life. However, I was able to get them $40 cheaper than normal by purchasing the close-out awful green ones off of e-bay! LOL! I got them last week and am so impressed that I just gotta give a shout out on the 'ol blog. If you have heel pain and need good arch support, these are awesome. I'm going to wear these things out! Of course I will look ridiculous in them with skirts and capris, but I don't care. Comfort is king. Being able to walk is a good thing.

For the last day I have been working on uploading all of my important documents and photos onto SugarSync. This is one of those places where you can upload all of your documents to be stored online. SugarSync even saves new changes that I make on my computer onto the virtual file cabinet. This will make it all so much easier when I change from one computer to another, or when there is a crash. I think I will rest easier tonight knowing that my photos are safe!

Excitement continues to build about the upcoming trip to Ghana. One downer is the current temps. It was supposed to get 111 on Friday in Bolga! ACK! I found out a few days ago that we're probably going to go up to Paga, where you can sit on a "tame" crocodile for the obligatory tourist photo. My mom is REALLY looking forward to that (not).

I had tons of dental work done on Thursday. I hate going to the dentist, which means that when I do go, I "pay" for not going (literally and figuratively). But I should be able to chew on both sides of my mouth again. That's a plus. My body doesn't respond well to dental work, so I've been running fever from an infection since Thursday. The antibiotics are starting to help now, thankfully. I am glad to have this all taken care of now so that hopefully I won't have any surprises while I'm in Ghana.

Oh! Earlier this week I got my first "You did that?!" comment about Kendi's hair (which is shocking to me considering they were supper easy twists/coils). A black nurse said, "Oh, her hair sure does look cute!" I said thank you. She said, "Do you have someone do them?" I said, nope I did them. She said, "You did that? Girl, that's good!" I think I walked a little taller the rest of the day. =-)

We watched "The Blindside" last night for the first time. After all the build up I was afraid I'd be disappointed. But I wasn't. It was really good. I can see why it was controversial, but I was glad that the addressed the whole "rich white family helps poor black boy" even within the movie. The part where he has run off and she is worried, then he finally calls and in a scared voice says "mama?".....yeah, that's where I lost it. I looked over at Eric and he was choked up too. LOL! I love it when he showed his soft underbelly. =-)

P.S. A few people have "reminded" me this week that there are likely Ghanaian and US officials that read my blog. Umm...yep. =-) I know this for a fact. There's not a single thing here that I mind anybody reading. I write so that people will read.


Renee 8:28 PM  

I am so glad you are getting some rest (I hope) and a little TLC for your feet.

You are such a great Mom and just a blessing to all you help through their adoptions. We will be praying for your trip.

p.s. Thanks for the review of the Blindside. We still haven't seen it. We saw a commercial the other day and Eben thought it looked good too. What do you think?

A. Gillispie 9:50 PM  

Renee, we really liked it. For most of the movie we were wondering why it had a PG-13 rating. Towards the end there is a pretty graphic gang-like scene where there are a string of bad words (B, D, A, I don't remember Sh and certainly no GD or F). There were guns and punching and a reference to s*x). This was about 3 minutes of the movie, but with that scene it needed the PG-13 rating. At the same time, that scene was important to the story and message. Besides that I think there was one time when the dad said the "a" word and another time when someone said the "d" word. Most the the movie was very innoculous. We did let our big kids watch the movie. They really liked it and got the message (that you protect the ones you love).

whenpigsfly 3:06 PM  

I can not believe that we have nto seen Blind Side yet burt we have not seen it either. THIS WEEK I rpomised us!! I heard that the PG 13 scene was so non-gratuitous and so real to where those kids ARE, I know it would not deter us from choosing to watch the movie. ITs a a time thing.
Call me tomorrow if you get a chance???
Big hugs dear friend!
HEY is you mom going with you to Ghana?? Did I understand that right?

Dani Neumann 10:17 AM  

What's going on with the program now? Do you have a replacement for EH?

Amy 9:52 PM  

Hey Anita! Mark and I are packing our Keens too! We'll be quite a cute trio!!