Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UP, and DOWN! =-)

Went to the doctor for a "pre-Ghana" checkup today.

UP: My blood pressure has not only been in the normal range before. It's always been sort of low. Like...88/63 would not be abnormal pressure for me. Today my pressure was 157/102!!!! Can you speall S-T-R-E-S-S! Good grief.

DOWN: Guess what's down? My weight! Twelve pounds off the ol' haunches (14 according to my scales)! My doc was so excited for me. So encouraging. It's not like I've gone down a size or anything. It's just that my clothes aren't too tight anymore. But I'll take it. At this rate it'll take me years to get off all this weight, but every little bit helps. Maybe I can sweat some more poundage off in Ghana? That's not what usually happens because I so enjoy Ghana's oily foods!


Cora 11:04 AM  

Great job on the weight! Hope your stress goes down soon as well as the BP.

Salzwedel Family 1:46 PM  

Way to go on the weight loss!

I don't even want to know what my blood pressure is today. I am hoppin' mad at so many things.

whenpigsfly 8:55 AM  

Well that BP up isn't /wasn't so great, but 12 or 14 pounds down is super!! I am praying that all your trip plans continue to go smoothly.

All My Beans 8:27 PM  

keep up the good work! Now, hopefully in Ghana, the stress level will come down when the hospitality that Ghanians are so well known for, begins! Have a great shoes and all.