Thursday, April 08, 2010

Heading to Ghana--Prayers Appreciated

Hi all,

It's about 3:15am. I'm supposed to get up in 1 hour 45 minutes, but I haven't been to sleep yet. Don't suppose I will. I woke up today with a very sudden cold/flu-like "thing" going on. No big fever, thank goodness, but I feel really yucky. On top of that, I did something to my back tonight while packing. I've never really hurt my back before, so I'm not really sure I hurt it hurt it. I just know it hurts--it hurts when I'm sitting and when I'm laying down. Lower back.

Some people believe that satan attacks. Others don't. I do. And I feel like he is attacking me now. Gosh....I'm crying now. I feel pretty down and pretty scared to get on the plane in a few hours with the way I'm feeling. Please, I would really appreciate your prayers for this trip.

On top of the physical, the thought of leaving my kids really hurts this time. I'm not ready to leave Kendi. She's not ready for me to leave her. I know she will be in excellent hands while I'm gone. But she doesn't have a clue what "two weeks" means. She's going to wake up in a few hours and I won't be here. Then she'll go to a whole nother two weeks, and neither Eric or I will be there. What is going to go through her head and heart? Will she think this is yet another transition in her life? I hope not. I know my friend Linda and my big kids will keep talking about how much mommy and daddy love her. It just scares me. I left Taevy after she had been home for 10 months (to get Samren) and it was horrible for her attachment. I don't want to relive that with Kendi. Please cover her in your prayers.

Taevy and Samren and Bright all "get" what it means when mommy goes to Ghana. They know I'll come back. But this will be their first time not to be with me OR Eric. Taevy is mature enough to realize that's going to be a tough one. I don't think the boys have thought about it yet.

Eric too, is pretty sad about this trip. He doesn't like the thought of being without his kids for 2 weeks. He'll be staying with his mom and dad during that time. He's never ever had to be away from his kids for more than a week since he became a dad 9 years ago--and that was just 6 days when he had his kidney transplant. He doesn't talk too much about it except to say that he really doesn't like it. I know his heart is hurting and that he will miss the kids terribly.

In case you're wondering why my family has to go through this when I go to Ghana...with Eric's low vision and diabetes, it's just not the safest plan for him to care for the children by himself. Because he's legally blind he can't drive. Someone needs to take him to work and to medical appointments. And someone needs to watch the kids during the day. His parents usually fill that role, but his parents are now super busy caring for his grandparents. They can help with Eric and the transportation, but cannot care for the kids this time.

We are super thankful for the Smith family (our friends about an hour away from us) for taking on the 4 kiddos. The kids consider them extended family anyway, and love the thought of being on a farm for two weeks. I know they will have a ton of fun. Plus, for Taevy and Samren, there is the added bonus of hanging out with other kids from Cambodia and Vietnam! Samren even gets to spend time with Naomi, his orphanage-mate from Vietnam. Yes, he thinks one day they will marry. =-)

I am pretty sure I won't have as much internet access on this trip as I have in the past. Blog updates may be few and far between. Or maybe not? I never know until I get there. But with a week in Bolga, and without the awesome wireless internet we had at Eban House, I'm just guessing my internet time will be more about dealing with important emails than the fun stuff (like updating the blog). You know me. I journal everyday anyway, and will just post the journal entries once home if I don't get to update at the time.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for my physical and emotional strength. I really need them this trip. Will be back on the 24th of April.



Michelle 7:25 AM  


You and your family are in our prayers!!!!

whenpigsfly 8:46 AM  

We have been praying for all of your kiddos as they come to stay with us, that God will keep them settled and bonded, especially for Kendi and Bright who doesn't know us as well as Taevy and Samren do, but I am believing that even if there are some home sick tears God will guide us all through them as I pray us to stay under His wing!!
Love and prayers for your trip, your health, Eric and his part in the next two weeks as well, and the children!

bbqdaisy 2:23 PM  

Anita -
You are IN my prayers!!! I do totally understand how you are feeling and I understand how the enemy works! I will keep you in my prayers throughout the next couple of weeks! I can't wait to hear what God does on your next trip - I'm especially excited to hear about your experiences up in Bogla ... as for me God used those trips in particular to change me on so many levels!
Blessings of protection on every realm!

Lois 1:41 AM  

In my prayers and constant thoughts. You have lots to accomplish and you will find the strength to overcome and do it!

Anonymous 2:57 AM  

Be strong. We are thinking of you. Your Ghana family awaits you in Accra! Amanda

Megan 6:39 AM  

Praying for a safe, productive trip and for everyone's hearts.

Bloggin' Robin 5:09 PM  

I will be praying for your peace, wisdom, an strength. May you know God's abiding presence!

Mama D.'s Dozen 1:00 AM  

Praying for you ... and for your family!

Linda will be a GREAT substitute mommy, and I really do think the younger kids will do okay because they will have the older kids with them. There is much security in being with your siblings.

Maybe Eric could come see them on the weekend??? Do you have a friend that could drive him to Linda's for the day?

Wish I lived close. Wish I could help in any way.

And ... oh how we KNOW the attacks from the enemy. PRAYING for God's protection and peace for you as you travel.


Laurel :)