Monday, April 05, 2010

I know you just come for the pics (Easter)

This is what happens when the dads hide the eggs TOO well, and said eggs have a dollar worth of coins in them. The parents end up hunting the eggs!
Pretty as a princess.

Bright is telling Kendi all about this Easter stuff.
Is it a money egg?
How did she get so big? Why isn't she still 2?
Sammy is giving Kendi advice on how to hunt correctly.
Bright found one!
It's a money egg!
10 cousins, only one crying. Guess who?!
My beauties.

Taevy took these two pics of Bright and Kendi! They are awesome!

Easter Baskets.
First jelly bean.
My thoughts exactly Kendi. What WAS I thinking with this hairdo?!
Bright and cousin Mia (from Guatemala) are BEST friends.

The little kids had a blast helping Grandma shell the Easter eggs!
They were super pretty.

Bright said, "Mmm! I eat it ALL!"

Kendi says, "I do it!"
Best friends. This was at the Easter egg hunt.


Julie 10:01 PM  

I love the pictures Anita!

Amy 10:01 PM  

Such GREAT pics! That first one that Taevy took of Bright and Kendi is perfection. You GOTTA frame that one. Lots of keepers in this bunch. Your kids are so beautiful Anita. Precious, precious angels!!!


Lois 11:00 PM  

Sweet family! thank you for sharing your pictures!

Chantelle 7:47 AM  


Eric 4:20 PM  

Glad you had such a good Easter after all. Everyone loves your picture updates! You're so lucky to have such a gorgeous family!

-- Dani on Eric's account :)