Monday, April 19, 2010

Smith Soup sops up Gillispie Kids!

Wondering what my crew are doing while I am in Ghana? They are hanging with the Smith Soup crew in Stillwater. Man, they look like they are having FUN!

Linda, I am SO craving Mexican food now that I've seen the Mexico Joe's pics and heard the word "chips and salsa!" My four should definitely already know "ma'am" and "sir" as we require lots of that too. Don't let them fool you!

Check out what my kids are up to HERE.


whenpigsfly 10:40 PM  

Well you will just have to come have Kids Eat FREE dinner with us on a Tuesday night!!! Daughter Esther is a Shift Lead manager and the BEST server ever!!!!
I have another friend ho refuses to eat at Mexi Joes as Naomi calls it becaue its "fake Mexican food" but we like it just fine. The kdis eat chicken tenders wit hrice or fries anyhow and that has nothign to do with Mexican. How do you mess up a fajita?? Its our Tuesday night standard.
I will remind them you said that about "Sir " and "Ma'am" .
We have had fun!!! I will miss your kiddos big time when you come back. You better have some Ghanaian kiddos for us to talk about! LOL! Praying for that Ivelandic ash to behave itself so you can come home on time