Saturday, May 08, 2010

A/X, we love you

**Update: X is doing well. They hope he will be able to leave the ICU tomorrow! His mom says that he is quite the talk of the hospital because nobody has ever seen a child with his condition live past one year of age. I'm telling you, God has a special plan for him!

There is a little boy that is very special to our family, A/X was Kendi's very favorite person in Ghana. There is some sort of soul connection with these two. Even after eight months, 2 year old Kendi STILL asked about him. She remembers him, even though she remembers little else (consciously) about Ghana. I'm told by A/X's parents that he remembers Kendi too (as "Kendi Mabel") and asks about her too.

A/X had a major surgery yesterday--a life-changing surgery. Please pray for him. I haven't heard from his parents about how surgery went yesterday. That shouldn't worry me, but I'm a worry-wort, and I do love him so...

Please pray for A (new name X). =-) He's such a special soul.



whenpigsfly 5:50 PM  

What a precious looking boy Anita!! I will be praying with you for the outcome of his surgery.