Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hair Evolution: Simple Twists

Kendis' comb coils and bantu knots were still hanging in there, but I got some new products for her hair yesterday (Bee Mine) that I wanted to try, so we redid her hair last night. I like the Bee Mine products so far. They smell heavenly. But I think the coconut oil is having the biggest effect on Kendi's hair. Simple and good.

Kendi has a huge receding hair line. [Actually, the hair is just starting to grow in between the peaks so I have hopes in a few years her "peak" will be much reduced!] This means that I've got this long patch of hair in the front that presents unique challenges. I decided to do two side twists to sort of form the semblance of bangs hanging to the side. Not sure the correct name for these twists. When I do them on my hair I call them "french twists", but that's something I probably just thought was cool to call them when I was a kid! It's like a flat twist, but with only one strand. After I got through with the two twists to make her "bangs" I parted the rest of her hair down the middle and did more "french twists" down each side. I couldn't go all the way down with the twists because the hair above her ears is still too thin to hold a style. And of course there is the "no man's land" in the middle of the back of her head. Eventually there will be hair long enough to do something with, but we aren't there yet!

The nice thing about this style is it only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. With her satin sleep cap on, the style was still perfect this morning. BUT after spending 2 hours in the car while Eric took care of his weekly transplant labs, they didn't survive. She pulled them out out of boredom. I redid them at the doctor's office into two-strand flat twists, using the same parts. I like the effect of the 2-strand flat twists even better. They are more hardy (harder to pull out) and have that lovely twisted lolli-pop look that it so cute.
P.S. As you can see, I don't worry much about "clean" parts right now. Her hair has only recently gotten thick enough to do any parts!


Cora 11:36 AM  

Looks good. You can really tell that her hair is growing!

Felicia 12:53 PM  

I like this blog because the blogger tries a lot of products and posts her results.