Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shame on you Pat Robertson!

Oh my word. My blood is just boiling right now. The 700 Club (a Christian TV show) did a very nice news article on the recent Orphan Summit. It really was a nice peice. After the article Pat Robertson's comments on adoption and the orphaned children of this world literally left Eric and I with our mouths open! Seriously?! Adopting a child can be a blessing if we "get the right child?!" Parents should "count the cost" before adopting? I honestly cannot believe that this man is one of the major faces of Christianity in the world today, and yet could see things so unlike Jesus. Would Jesus see a traumatized or sick child and go, "Oops. Sorry. No time for you. You're damaged." The Jesus I know surrounded himself with "the least of these!" The Jesus I know "adopted" me into His family even though I am full of sin and brokenness! The Jesus I know has even adopted Pat Robertson, and will forgive him for potentially keeping thousands of Christians from adopting for fear that their child might be demon-pocessed!

Click on the video and then fast forward to 14 minutes to see the NICE article on the Orphan Summit. Pat's comments start after the article and go until about 24 minutes in. If you'd like to let Pat know how you feel about his views of orphans and adoptions you can do so HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page).

I'm sorry. I'm sure I sound pretty angry and unloving towards Pat Robertson. The Lord tells me to love even my enemies. But right now I am PISSED OFF and that love isn't coming so easily.


whenpigsfly 10:19 PM  

I am so sorry he got it so wrong!!!
"count the cost" "right child" When God showed us who our adopted children were going to be HE had already counted the cost and begun providing that cost for us, financially and emotionally as He prepared us to welcome our 6 internationally adopted children into our family. Would he tell me then, as I sit now on the edge of my sea, LITERALLY, eager for the long awaited adoption decree for my very special needs toddler that we had "counted wrong" perhaps? I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got it very wrong this time. Trustfully he will see what he missed and how BIG it is! What an incredible missed opportunity for him to reiterate the whole meat of Orphan Summit!!

Shannon Watson 6:43 AM  

I didn't watch the video clip yet, so I don't know what his tone was....I think, though, that if he meant that people shouldn't adopt because a child "looks cute" or rush into doing it because it's the "right thing to do", that he isn't completely incorrect. I hope that he meant that people who go into adoption should have their eyes wide open about everything they could encounter in the process - and then trust the Lord to help make them capable to carry it out. Maybe that's what he meant? I hope so! :D

Renee 7:31 AM  

Is there a transcript somewhere? The video won't play.

Pat Robertson's comments on the Haitian earthquake were so infuriating to me. It makes me sad that the media considers him to be the voice of evangelical Christianity.

ManyBlessings 8:16 AM  

Pat just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. He needs to retire and stop talking.

Bingaling 8:35 AM  

I heard about this when Carolyn posted about it on Facebook. Ugh. Pat Robertson really needs to not be on TV anymore. I haven't paid any attention to him in ages since he continually spouts trash (and gives Christians everywhere a bad rap). Just my opinion...

Angela 8:38 AM  

i've been trying to find the video online, and i can't get it to play.
i can see the 'nice piece' but it cuts off after that.
looks like some editing has been done. if you find it, would you fwd it to me?

Salzwedel Family 8:43 AM  

I heard him last night. The story was good until he opened his mouth. Like you, I sat there stunned wondering what the heck he was thinking. NOT a good way to promote adoption...seriously.

A. Gillispie 12:43 PM  

Shannon, you really should watch the video. He wasn't telling people to go into it with a lot of prayer and thought. He was flat out telling people to "count the cost" of adopting a child who could be messed up from orphanage life, previous abuse, or physical/medical disabilities. It was really mind-blowing to hear him say these things. =-(

Not sure why the video isn't working, but you can go to and see the video. Go to about 19:45 to get directly to Pat's comments. Thankfully the other woman with him had the grace to delicately correct him as best she could!

The Last Crusade 3:08 PM  

Preach it sister!

KamPossible 7:56 PM  

I don't even have words to describe the sadness I feel for this man. To see the parallelism between God's adoption of us, His children, His orphans.... and the story of the orphans of our world and the fact that Mr. Robertson would "caution us". I think it's safe to say that God was WELL aware that we are damaged "goods", hurt, broken, impacted by evil and darkness. YET, even though he knew all of that, he sent his ONLY son for all of us. And his ONLY son was killed for us. I am sad that Mr. Roberson's god is not as great and mighty as my God. Because my God can overcome all of that. My God took me broken, used, and damaged... and I am grateful for that.

Mr. Robertson is speaking the mind of many secular people, it's out of ignorance. I guess what saddens me the most, is the fact that what he said is in no way Biblically founded, and in my humble opinion contradictory to the Biblical statements on orphans.

I will be praying for Mr. Robertson.

More importantly my prayers are with all those waiting families whose friends and family have been tainted by this message. I pray that they will not be discouraged by their friends and family who might use Mr. Robertson words as "evidence" for a reason not to adopt. I believe, I truly believe, the most damage has been done to those waiting/dedciding families who will have to endure and carry on through the listening ears who heard his words as truth and who will attempt to use it against those who are called by God to care for the orphans.

God be with anyone who will have to endure a debate over this man's words, as they defend the orphan. -Amen