Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vehicle Headaches

I am so thankful to have a vehicle that will hold my entire family. It even has room (usually) for a big stash of groceries. But we're starting to contemplate how the Honda Pilot is going to serve us when we make a trip to Illinois this summer. Hmm... not so much. Certainly, it will be better than riding a bus to northern Ghana (!) but I'm not quite sure how we are going to fit all of our things in there and still have space enough for the kids not to get VERY sick of each other before we get there! We might have need to bring our drums too. I can't think of how we would ever get those in there!

Ideally we could drive something like a suburban. If you know of another care that can fit 2 adults, 4 kids, supplies for a week (including for some meals on the road) and a few extra full sized drums, let me know! I've been checking into rental places around here (Tulsa) and most of them don't even have very large vehicles. Dodge Caravan minivan seems to be it. Anybody have a Carivan that can attest that it would have more room than my Pilot?!

If you have a DEPENDABLE full size vacation-approved vehicle and want to trade for a week, let me know! LOL!



The Last Crusade 3:43 PM  

Everyone I know with a Chrysler Town & Country love it. One friend fits her whole once a month Sam's Club groceries all in the trunk! Plus it has storage compartments in the floor for the smaller kid sized luggage. And, if you rent a new enough one, maybe it'll have the DVD player in the ceiling!

Cat 6:54 PM  

We have rented a Dodge Grand Caravan in the past - the new ones are very nice. Think EXTENDED with STOW AND GO. Then you can store quite a bit beneath the seats - huge space saver. They are very popular with many rental agencies and last time I checked were reasonably priced. Probably better on gas than the Pilot too..?

The Hullingers 7:02 PM  

Our old minivan was a Honda, and it had a TON more room than our Yukon does.

Michelle 3:00 PM  

Maybe you could get a turtle top for your car and just pack supplies up top? We have a Chrysler Town and Country and it is a tight fit for 2 adults 4 kids and weekend supplies..we can do it though! We totally use the under floor storage...we did drive it to Disneyworld for our 10 day vacation last year (about 10 hours in the car).

Jodie 11:22 AM  

Not sure where you are goig in IL, but if you have any questions about travel, etc, we can try and help like you did for us with our camping trip through OK last spring. I'll probably try and talk you into stopping by so my hubby can meet Kendi, I think that might just seal the deal with him on our next adoption! LOL!

A. Gillispie 10:37 PM  

Thanks for the advice! Right now, we're thinking that buying a roof-top storage unit will probably be our best bang for the buck. We really do LOVE our pilot. It's so comfy. And it would feel better spending a few hundred to get something we can use over and over again than to spend $400-$500 to rent a vehicle for a few days! Thanks for the suggestion Michelle! Don't think I would have ever thought about rooftop storage otherwise!