Sunday, May 16, 2010


Thanks for all of the comments lately. I love hearing your ideas for Kendi's birthday "cake" and your knowledge about all things bread!

Right now, I'm running with the idea to do 3 "cakes" since it's her third birthday. But not really cakes. We'll be doing a rice krispie cake with chocolate marshmallow frosting and colorful candy decor Yumm! Second cake will be individual square cakes for each person (using this cake pan). These will be iced lightly with cream cheese frosting, then decorated with flowers made from suckers and gumdrop leaves (thanks to whomever suggested just smashing the gumdrops!). Cake number three will be cupcakes baked inside of ice cream cones, with a real ice cream scoop on top so that we can have no utencils cake and ice cream! The surprise in the ice cream cone cupcake will be a hershey's kiss.

No theme between the three cakes. The only theme is THREE! Now I'm on to thinking about a few fun activities that involve THREES.

I'm ready to start baking my bread with whole wheat flour next week. And I bought a few accessories to make life easier. I am now the proud owner of a dough cutter, bread bags, and a simple bread box. Eventually I hope to own a really nice ceramic bread box (read clay/pottery/ceramic keeps bread the very best) and a few of these cotton bread bags, but for now these purchases feel good.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful week. The sun is FINALLY supposed to be out tomorrow, so I'm expecting it to be a great day!