Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amazingly Blessed...

You know, I am feeling amazingly blessed today and I just wanted to share with ya'll, and give God the glory! It is always astounding to me that people might think of our family when they have a blessing to give. So cool how the Lord does that. I hope that I am also a good steward when He whispers to us to do something to bless others. It does seem to be the truth that "what goes around comes around" with this sort of thing!

A few weeks ago we opened our door to find the above vase of BEAUTIFUL roses sitting on our front porch. What a wonderful way to start the morning! No note. Just the roses. Later that day we noticed our neighbor's rose bush was heavily cut back, with petals on the ground. We confirmed later that they gave them to us, "just because."

This same neighbor has a pool. They give us absolutely open access to their pool all summer long. They are a retired couple and just want the pool to be used. If they aren't there, they give us the garage door opener so we can use it even while they are away. I mean really! How cool is it to have the benefit of a pool without the responsibility! LOL!

About a week ago we opened our door to find a gorgeous red Gerber Daisy plant sitting on the porch. Really?! Come to find out, our neighbor across the street (different from neighbors above) had an extra plant when she was gardening, so decided to bless us with it. This same neighbor brings over lemonade and/or other special things for my kids pretty much every day (granola bar, fruit snacks, Popsicles, etc.). This neighbor has a number of trouble in her life. The last thing she needs to do is think of my kids. It so humbles me each time she blesses my kids.

We were going to take a week long vacation this year to the Chicago area, with the highlight being a gathering of adoptive families in Freeport, Ill. [If you want to go to the Akwaaba Gathering July 9-11 let me know! I'll give you info!] Anyway, we've had some unexpected expenses lately, so we're cutting out the vacation part and just going up for the family gathering. When one of the families heard this they offered to let us stay in our home and be our host for lots of low cost family activities in their area. What a neat blessing! We won't be able to take them up on their offer because Eric is lacking vacation days, but this is truly an example of "it's' the thought that counts!"

Last night I received an email from one of my blog readers. This sweet woman has several new American-girl-like dolls that are designed around different countries of the world. She would like to bless our family with these dolls. How fun! The cool part is that there are many of them, so my kiddos can choose a few, and we can then pass the rest of them on to some kiddos in Ghana. The blessing will keep blessing!

All this to say, I think the Lord really uses those folks who have their hearts open to an impromtu blessing. It's really no big deal to put your pruned roses in a vase and place them on your neighbor's porch, but it might really uplift them! It's probably no big deal to offer a ride to someone who is walking in the rain, but it might be a difference-maker in their day. Some weeks I think I get so caught up in my own life that I tune out those little promptings. Not this week though. Or this month. What fun it will be to make these little blessings a more prominent part of my everyday living!



Deborah 7:13 PM  

What wonderful blessings :) YOU have blessed our lives.

Mama D.'s Dozen 8:27 PM  

What wonderful neighbors you have. So many people nowadays don't even take the time to introduce themselves to their neighbors ... while yours' open their hearts and homes (swimming pools) to you. Truly a blessing!

A couple of months ago, my husband and I (with our 4 youngest) picked up a group of hitchhikers and spent the day with them while we drove the 300 miles across the state. It was so cool to respond to the Lord's prompting.