Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well, we tried....

In April 2009, on Easter Morning, we took the above pictures before we headed into church. If I remember correctly it was sort of cold and rainy that day. Outside pics weren't happening. We hardly ever get full family pics. So spur of the moment, I told everybody to gather in and we snapped a few quick picks. This turned out to be my all time favorite family photo! Problem is....there's no Kendi! Shucks!

Today we tried to sort of recreate the photo, with Kendi. We weren't as crisp and clean as the Easter pic above. We had been out all morning at Eric's company picnic. And my freakin' chin and neck! ACH! How big can my face be?! The results are...well...not going to be my favorite family picture ever. Oh well!

The above two pics are option #1. Sepia and color.

Here's option #2, in sepia and color.
Which do you like best? 1 or 2? Sepia or color? Even though it's not as fun and awesome as the original, Kendi is there, so we will be hanging one of them on our wall. Thanks in advance for your "votes!"

Oh....and of course we had to do a silly picture as well! LOL!


Felicia 6:50 PM  

Well, I kind of like option three but since that wasn't a choice I like option 2 sepia.

Deborah 8:25 PM  

Me too! I think option 3 should go somewhere in the house...maybe the laundry room, and that would make you smile:) My favorite formal one is option 2, sepia. You have a beautiful family! I am so happy for all of you. Our Js are silly, loving, wonderful, energetic...thank you for bringing us together.

A. Gillispie 10:25 PM  

Oh, did I forget to mention that the "serious" photo will be framed with the silly one? Oops! ;-)

Cora 10:57 PM  

wonderful family photos!

Cora 10:57 PM  

wonderful family photos!

Amanda 1:54 AM  

Option #2 sepia - definitely! Gorgeous family, Anita!