Monday, June 07, 2010

Genie Loc Followup

Thanks for all of the comments about Kendi's Genie Locs! Instead of responding within comments I decided to do a followup to get some more info out there about why I made the choices I made.

I'm referring to them as Genie Locs because my goal was to have Kendi's yarn braids look more like locs than braids. This is why I burned the end of the yarn. Burning it and then rolling it together makes one unified and rounded end at the bottom, mimicking the look of locs.

I didn't put beads in because I want maximum versatility. A good part of the time I want Kendi to rock this style with nothing on the ends. With nothing on the end they look more like locs. Then, when I want to add color I can put any sort of snaps/barrettes in that I want to! I imagine for the 4th of July we'll do red, white, and blue. But mostly, we'll probably just leave the ends without any adornment. Another reason I won't be adding snaps/barrettes to the end the whole time is because I don't want the extra weight on Kendi's hair. Her hair just can't take it. The style is only protective if it isn't stressing her natural hair. So Kendi needs short and light braids/locs.

I wish you all could feel Kendi's hair, and see it close up. I could have had the Genie Loc pro of the universe put them in, and we would still have some fall out. Imagine doing this on a white kid's hair with only a few inches of length. They slip out! Kend's texture in a lot of areas is very similar to white hair. It is THAT fine and thin. Hopefully it won't be like that forever! Anyway, THEY DEFINITELY GONNA FALL OUT! LOL!

Anyway, thanks again for the comments! If you want to see the tutorial we followed go HERE.

P.S. The Yarn is Red Heart brand Fiesta Black acrylic. Like $2 at Wal-Mart!


Mama D.'s Dozen 2:45 PM  

I think the Fiesta Black Yarn is way cool! What a fun idea!