Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Birthday "Lil Bit!"

I think this is the classic "just turned 3" picture. Wearing her new Dora PJ's that she got because she goes pee-pee in the potty; still quite enamored with watching the magical pee come out, and her first ever "long" hair dangling!
I am not a character person. My kids rarely get to wear character clothes (Disney, cartoons, etc.) but she SO loves Dora right now. How could I deny her a Dora birthday? I must say though, it's hilarious to hear Kendi answer the phone with "Hola!" in her Ghanaian accent.

After being up all night braiding hair she fell asleep HARD an hour before her party began. Oops. She did NOT want to wake up either.

We put her bathing suit on as she slept and faught us. Eventually we got her to stand but she was NOT happy about it!
Everybody else had fun running through the sprinklers, even if Kendi would have nothing to do with it.
Aunt Laurie and baby cousin Gracie! So cute!
Handsome Samren!
Cute-as-a-button cousin Emma!
We love our cousin Mia (from Guatemala)!
Cousin Mackenzie tried to bring Kendi out of her post-nap funk. No deal.
Bright and cousin Emma--opposites attract!
She was starting to wake up here, showing some REAL attitude!
I caught Taevy in thos "Bo Derrick" moment, hair swinging. See her cute little turquoise yarn extension? She wants a turquoise stripe in her hair when she's older, but this will have to do for now.
The four children I get to spend eternity with!
It was an ice cream birthday. Kendi LOVES ice cream but could care less about cake. Candles in the ice cream cone! Unfortunately, she wanted nothing to do with the huge crowd staring at her and singing Happy Birthday. Totally Embarressed.
After Aunt Nichole blew out the candles she tried to give Kendi her cone. She did NOT want it.
Just about ready to throw the thing down on the table. Rotten child! LOL!
Yep. Down it went. Right onto the Dora plate, where it would stay until cousin Jordan picked her up.
NOW she ate the ice cream--after she got what she wanted! Cousin Jordan!
Birthday presants began. Most Dora, of course. Dora panties! These are HUGE, but they don't make them smaller than this. Oh well!
A wand that she can beat her brothers with!
Finally! The Dora Backpack!
And a Dora phone where she actually gets to talk to Dora! I think she really thinks she's on the phone with Dora.
Dora books!
The whole beautiful bunch at the b-day party!

Happy Birthday Lil' Bit! We love you! Let's make it the Terrific Threes rather than the Terrible Threes!


Amy 7:37 AM  

Great pics! Looks like a fun time! Her hair looks great, btw. Nice job Mama!


Michelle 10:09 PM  

Happy, happy birthday to Kendi!!!!

Calico Sky 2:55 AM  

A bleated Happy Birthday to Kendi!!