Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hair Evolution: Versatility

As you can see from the back, we've got some repair work to do tonight. Those darn hairs are just too short and sparse!

We really like the "down" look without snaps/barrettes

Half-up, half-down wins for "makers her look the oldest."


Jen 12:16 PM  

I definitely like it without the snaps and such. It is also nice because it has less of a chance of getting caught on something and ripped out. I watched the video and thought the burning on the end is cool. I will try that next time. Always fun to learn something new!

Kendi looks so beautiful and I love the smile she has, you can tell she is so proud of her new look! LOVE IT!

Mama D.'s Dozen 2:25 PM  

Adorable! We love the versatility of yarn braids.

I watched the video, too, and liked learning a few new things. Thanks for the link.

Laurel :)

excitedtobeafamily 4:04 PM  

She is just beautiful! The half up and half down makes her look years older!

Renee 4:29 PM  

She is such a DOLL! You are such a great Mama :o)

Patty 8:54 PM  

I'm loving all the hair posts. She's such a beautiful little girl...with yarn braids or without! Thanks for sharing.

Roxanne 7:56 PM  

I love love her hair!! AND your blog :)

The Hullingers 3:18 PM  

How cute! You inspired me to get brave and post pictures of my first attempt at yarn braids too. Efia's are about this same length, so I am glad you can make so many styles with the braids. I have to tell you, I keep laughing at Kendi's pouty pictures from her party, becasue I have totally seen those same looks from Efia!

Kendi is adorable with or without braids, but you can tell how much she likes them! The yarn is cute too. I have never seen that mix but we'll look for it now.