Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Question to yarn-braiders--Help!

Okay, sorry the blog has been almost all about hair for the past few days. Promise there are other posts brewing. =-)

I know that I want to continue to moisturize and clense Kendi's hair why the yarn braids are in, and I've read some info about how to do that, but I'd like to hear how YOU do it for your kids. We usually wash every 7-10 days.

I don't want the yarn to stay wet for too long and mildew. So should I blow dry a bit to facilitate drying???

When you wash with yarn braids in, do you try to just wash the scalp and leave the soap off of the yarn braids?

Any issues with buildup of white gunky stuff from shampoo or conditioner or moisturizers?

What did you use to keep the scalp and hair roots moisturized?

Any other tips for hair care with the yarn in?



Momto15 2:26 PM  

We don't wash. We use Taliah Waajid http://www.naturalhair.org/ scalp cleaner (moisture clenz and african healing oil sometimes too) in between the braids and to freshen things up. And then we try to keep them dry. We bought a good swim cap from Speedo.com. :)
hugs my friend!

Mama D.'s Dozen 2:31 PM  

We don't wash the girls yarn braids unless there is something "dirty" that needs to be washed out. Our girls wear little plastic shower caps when they shower.

Our girls also wear swim caps when swim, so we just don't get the yarn wet any more than it has to. (Kind of like a sweater ... you don't want to wash it every day.)

We moisturize their scalp (the parts) every couple of days, using whatever hair moisturizer we have on hand at the moment. We just put it on a finger and run it down the parts, making sure to moisturize the base of each braid.

That's what works for us.

:) :) :)

Mandi 7:51 PM  

Anita, I don't have a beautiful African daughter, yet :) but man am I getting an education in haircare. I know exactly who I'll be calling one day ;) I'm thankful you are sharing these adventures. Kendi is absolutely beautiful, and her smile is priceless. Blessings, Mandi
I've joined you...

KamPossible 8:54 PM  

No washing. No swim cap. Just get them wet and rinse them out with clear water. If I find they've picked up a smell (say bon fire), then I add a little shampoo to a large cup of water (dilute, dilute), mostly for the smell, but I don't scrub it into the scalp at all and rinse really well. We don't worry about them getting wet swimming or bathing... no worry at all about the yarn, just keeping her scalp oiled.

Once I learned how to get the locs in tight, I really don't give them any special attention. Her current locs have been in for 6 or 7 weeks and they honestly look great. I find that if I braid the yarn very tight they whole thing lasts longer and looks better.

KamPossible 9:01 PM  

oh, one more thing... as for drying them... get a super absorbent towel. I actually use a sham-wow (any microfiber towel or chamois will help). This will pull the water out of the hair, and they will dry pretty quickly.

A. Gillispie 9:17 PM  

Thanks gals! I will just keep her scalp moisturized and not worry about trying to wash her scalp unless something bad happens (dirt, mayo, season salt...you know...the usual)!

Mandi--thanks for your comment, and for "joining" me! Uganda--how exciting!!!

Anonymous 5:58 AM  

IS VERY GOOD..............................

In His Dust 10:52 AM  

Hey girl! I don't wash them either! If she goes swimming (we don't use a swim cap) I rinse her with clear water and if needed put some conditioner in. I did learn a trick with the conditioner though, don't wash it all the way out! It is amazing how soft it leaves her hair. Just like a leave in conditioner. With drying the yarn braids I just use a towel to get it pretty dry and then let it air dry. Never had a problem with mildew. Also, while the yarn braids are in I use a braid spray. You can find these at Sally's or a black hair care store. It conditions the hair and moisturizes the scalp and is so easy! Her hair is adorable by the way!!!

Tova 9:41 PM  

We love yarn braids over here, and tend to spend a bit more on the yarn. I make sure I get a yarn that will wash well and won't fuzz. Of course a ball of yarn that is expensive ($7?) will last a few styles so it's still cheap. Then I wash once a week as normal, dry well and moisturize the scalp every day or so.


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