Friday, June 11, 2010

Hair Failure =-(

Well, the yarn braids are out. They've been out a few days now. I know it's no big deal in the scheme of things, but I've been slow to post about it because just sucks. It sucks that Kendi and I spent 12 hours a week ago working on it. It sucks that she doesn't still have her "Dora hair." But she just turned three. And her hair really wasn't long enough to hold the braids in, in some parts. And she discovered that she could pull them out during nap time, for fun. I'm sure she didn't realize the consequence of that (losing her braids) but that was just not something I wanted to fight every day. The final straw was seeing that, where she did pull the braids out, she ripped out some of her precious hair! This is over 2 years of growth--painstakingly slow growth! I just can't stand the thought of losing some of that growth now. I didn't think anybody else would notice that she has lost some of her hair, but tonight Eric mentioned how much shorter her hair looks (this is from a guy is 80% blind!). I didn't mention it to him, so I know he's not just agreeing with me. Rats!

So we're back to her short beautiful curls. It does feel good to be able to massage moisture and good stuff into her hair each night. I love the Bee Mine products we've been using on her hair for the last month. I'm sure they'll have her raggedy-looking hair back to gorgeous in no time!



KamPossible 10:18 PM  

No not failure...
"trial", "pilot", "experience", they looked great even if they didn't last long! Our first ones didn't last long either...

If you got them into hair that short you'll be a super star with longer hair!

The Hullingers 11:23 PM  

Do NOT call that beautiful Dora Hair a failure! You spent twelve hours loving on your baby girl, doing something JUST for her, because you knew it would make her happy. What a special and heartfelt birthday present she received this year!

Nadia 8:58 AM  

Jordyn had VERY thick but very shirt hair when she arrived from Haiti...they had put extensions in(the synthetic kind) and even with thick hair they fell out in less than a that you got them in at all was amazing!! just continue to moisturize it and put it into little twists to keep it protected!!

A. Gillispie 4:50 PM  

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I am still very glad for the experience, and that she had hair for her birthday. =-)

Miss Hullinger....your daughter's yarn braids look AWESOME!!!!!!

FullPlateMom 6:26 PM  

I'm just glad someone else's daughter pulls out her hair at nap time. Juliana will tell me she's awake and be sitting in this giant pile of synthetic hair. All our hard work! So, she's au natural. Same deal with just her natural hair and beads. So, I'll just love her with her little zulu knots until further notice.