Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hair Evolution: Flat Twists

I decided to do a full head of flat twists on Kendi this week. full of a head as we can do (the back is still to short to put into anything). We're on day 3 and they are actually staying in! I think doing twists/braids to the side on the front is going to be pretty typical for us. She has a huge widow's peak. Taking things to the side seems to de-emphasize the issue!Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after I finished the style Bright decided that it would be a great idea to poor dirt onto Kendi's head. ACK! We got most of it out, but the rest is still hiding somewhere in the twists!


whenpigsfly 9:58 PM  

Great job!!! Its good to see her hair growing so well and you having so much fun with it! (Lovingly jealous!!)

Mama D.'s Dozen 11:47 PM  

Adorable! Great Job, Anita!

:) :) :)

Kelly L 7:33 PM  

Soo cute!!