Friday, July 16, 2010

Smart Cookie

I suppose most 3 year olds would have no problem sorting cards. It's just that...well...I've never done any sorting activities with Kendi to this point. Our only learning concentration has been on learning how to be in a family and speak English. So last night when she asked if she could "play" cards and then sorted them, I was sort of proud of her. ;-)

BTW, she cracks me up when she forgets English words. Today she asked me if she could play "booser." I told her I had no idea what she meant. She gave me this look and said, "Booser mommy! Like this!" then proceeded to mimic typing on a COMPUTER. Ha! Tonight at dinner she wanted a napkin and asked for a "napel." I told her it as a NAPKIN. She looked at me with her diva look and then said, "Well mommy, I gonna call this PAPER, okay?" Cuteness oozes out of this one...


Tricia 12:17 AM  

Kerrie has that same cute dress.

Jen 10:29 AM  

I agree, I was impressed by her at the reunion. She is a smart cookie especially considering all she has been through. Selina would need help to sort I bet! Selina has just started speaking in longer sentences, initiating more conversation and commenting more appropriately on things going on. It is so fun to watch them grow and learn after all they have been through!

Robin Dodd Photography 10:59 PM