Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day 2, Akwaaba Gathering

On day two we hopped out out of bed (after a very late night gabbing with the girls!) and headed to Krape Park. For a small town, Freeport sure does have great family destinations!!! Our shelter was all decked out with red, yellow, green, and black, with the Ghanaian flag.

Beautiful play facility! They kids got to play on this some, but I never made it closer than this picture.
One of the local moms arranged for a knowledgeable woman to do a hair demonstration, and talk about black hair care. Next year I think we've talked about doing a "Hair Share" instead (everybody bring your favorite products and the moms can share favorite techniques, etc.).
Before we knew it, it was time to eat lunch. YUMMY sandwiches and fruit and cookies were served. Tamene and Kendi are enjoying their meals!
Taevy was ready to get going to do some family activities. Can you see the anticipation in her smile? She's saying, "Come on mom! Let's go! Too much fun stuff to do for you to be hanging out and talking to other moms!"
The setting was so beautiful! After lunch Robin Dodd ( took some awesome family and individual photos of us!

The kids loved just being able to run free in open spaces!

Bright, showing off his "innocent" grin. =-)
Four new friends.

You see that guy chasing me? That guy's been chasing me for going on 15 years. One of these days I'll have to let him catch me!
No really, this is the songs and games portion of the day. I was in charge of leading that part. It was clouding up on his, but we managed to get a few in before the storm blew in.

When the storm did finally come in, it REALLY came in!!! It was a rain storm of Ghanaian proportions!
We all huddled under the shelter, with the kids' teeth chattering away. The wind got COLD (amazingly enough)! It wasn't long until we had to call it, and move the gathering to the rain location...
[Credit Robin Dodd!] Once inside, we all got to take part in a Drum Circle! I haven't heard much what others thought of it, but I thought it was great fun. Of course, I'm a former music teacher so this was right up my alley. Eric and I looked at each other and said, "We could do this!" Future second side business for the Gillispie fam??? Hmmm....
Kendi and her friend S got to play the "Lollipop" drums. She sat there the whole time. She loved it!
Bright didn't care so much about the drums, but once the scarves came out he was in his element! He danced and danced and danced...

After the official gathering was over, everybody was invited to go over to a local family's house for left overs, swimming, soccer, and other outside fun. It was a great way to end the day.
After the "after party" we still weren't quite ready to stop hanging out, so it was back to the hotel for one last late night gabbing session.
This sign was over the door to the common area in our hotel. I thought it was so fitting for a group full of adoptive families!

We parked all of the kids with blankets and pillows on the floor, to watch a movie. In the back of the room the grown ups shared a pitcher of margaritas, snacks, and more stories!

Day 2 of our mini-vacation was a great one. The best part is that it wasn't just a kid activity or just an adult activity. Every member of our family made great friends. Our only regret is not having more time to hang out and do some of the activities available at Krape Park (mini-golf, paddle-boating, etc). Maybe next year!


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OMG.. My hair on my head.. that's the real me! LOL I'm so glad you got that rainstorm.. wasn't that crazy???