Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lil' Bit

"I'm you're angel mommy."
"Hmm...what can I get into next?"
"Do you see how cute I am?""Yeah....I think you're worth my time."
"I'll play along with your game and make a pretty picture...this time."
Lil' bit (as we call her) is back to her old self again. We're so thankful to see the spunky Kendi we know and love. She really hasn't been sick since she came home 9 months ago, with the exception of last week.
A few times each day I think of how amazing it is that her HIV is now officially tamed into submission. This disease that has devastated so much of Africa and Asia (IS devastating Africa and Asia), is so easy control in our country. Tomorrow truly is her first Independence Day!
Kendi continues to lose weight. We're not sure what that's about at this point. She was down to 20.3 pounds today. She weighed more than that when she came home last September! [Same scale.] We continue to encourage her to eat as much as possible, and add as many calories as we can to her foods, but it's not enough. I know it isn't. I have a feeling we'll be giving her tube feedings before long. =-( BUT...

What a blessing that the g-tube is already in place! We put it in in February for her medications, but the Lord knew this weight loss was coming on and prepared us ahead of time for the challenge. How cool is that? I hope we don't have to go to tube feedings (because that's sort of counter-productive when you want a child to eat by mouth), but there is peace in knowing that if we need to, the port is there and ready to go.
She's just such a blessing, this one. I adore all of my children for different reasons. With Kendi, there is just such a joy in holding her, cuddling her, and soaking up her adorable-ness. She gives me kisses a hundred times a day (at least) and I never tire of them. She's my lil' bit, and I couldn't be more thankful for her.