Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changing things up a bit...

This week I sold our HUGE chair and a half and ottoman on Craig's list. Then I bought this great old wooden rocking chair for the same amount of money. Add a peice of Ghanaian cloth, and voila! We're making room for a new addition...
The empty spot above is where Eric's mother's piano will go! She has handed it down (from her mother, to her, to us). We had to move our TV from where it has been for almost 5 years, so that the piano could go on an interior wall. Very weird to have no TV in that spot, but we're super excited for the piano. You know me...I couldn't have a completely blank space, so I put some drums in the corner until the piano is here. =-)


Brandi 6:56 PM  

Oh friend, I think that's the cloth we got together and I put ours to use by recovering a lampshade in our living room as well as a footstool. So, now everytime I walk into our living room I'll think of our boy, Ghana, and YOU!

A. Gillispie 8:05 PM  

Yes! That is "our" cloth! I had forgotten about that! =-)

Cora 10:59 AM  

love the chair, you will have to share a picture of the piano once you get it.