Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stupid Sumac!

Stupid Sumac! Or poison ivy, or whatever it is! This is my most recent acquisition--patches of poison "whatever!" In my case, I my theory is that the puppy got poison ivy allergen on his skil while romping through the "wild" side of our backyard, and then cuddled in nice to my chest, depositing the allergen onto my skin. [It's a myth that the rash ooze on one person can spread it to another person--only the allergen from the plant can be passed from person to person.] We're going to a wedding on Saturday. We are going to look STUNNING! LOL!


Cora 10:52 AM  

Oh so sorry, how is Samren doing? I know it can be miserable. I only had it once. My husband (who is not alleric) had walked through it and when our legs touched that night we dicovered I am allergic.

Take Care.

whenpigsfly 9:55 PM  

I 'd have hugged your sumac infested neck ANYHOW Anita! Are you feeling better tonight from the yucky bug aside from the sumac junk?