Friday, August 20, 2010


My puppy is gone. I haven't grieved so hard for a dog in a long time. We came home and he was dead, on our back patio. Taevy is also devastated. We will never, ever find another dog like Jake. Ever.


Rachel 8:49 PM  

Oh, I'm so sorry. He seemed like such a sweetie.

Cora 9:13 PM  

I am so sorry, He had a wonderful family that loved him very much and I can tell he will be missed. Hugs

Amy 9:45 PM  

Oh Anita, I am so sorry my friend. Sending you big hugs. I am glad he had you all for a family...


Heather A. 10:13 PM  

Anita I'm so so sorry! Losing a furry member of the family is so painful. Big hugs and prayers for healing hearts going out to you and yours. Love you!

Robin Dodd Photography 10:54 PM  

I'm so sorry Anita.. I am so sorry.. poor baby Jake..

Jen 11:58 PM  

How sad. I am so sorry to hear about Jake. How blessed he was to be in a home that found his imperfection beautiful and perfect. Poor little guy.

Cindy 12:08 AM  

Oh I am so sorry :(

The Hullingers 12:31 AM  

I'm so sorry. Jake was clearly loved, and loved well by your family. May your hearts be healed and filled with peace.

Andy and Jennifer 6:33 AM  

I'm sorry Anita :-(

Erica 8:07 AM  

I'm so sorry Anita. :(

Momto15 9:09 AM  

I am so sorry. Prayers for all the family and the childrens hearts... oh my. SO SAD.

Michelle 1:33 PM  

I am so sorry for your pain...I was just reading this blog ( when I read your post today it pulled up in my mind a quote from this blog
"she is now experiencing comforts that she has never in her life felt before"

Your puppy was cared for and treated with so much love in the last month. I am sure the little puppy blessed your lives like y'all did his.

praying for peace in the hearts of all your little ones and you too!

Bingaling 5:36 PM  

Oh so sorry!! Hugs to all of you, Anita. I'm so glad that even though his time was short, he had you all to love on him...

Nora 7:34 PM  

Anita, you don't know me, but I really admire your kind heart. I am sorry for you and your family. Jake was lucky to be loved by you all.


Rachel 8:21 PM  

So sorry. hugs and prayers for comfort for all of you.