Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puppy Love

July 27th
August 19th!

Jake (the runt) puppy, we think, is actually going to make it! His last seizure was over 2 weeks ago. I mean, seriously, we were planning where we were going to bury this puppy. But he appears to be a survivor! He is growing like a weed (as you can see in the pics above). Don't get me wrong--this dog has ISSUES, but it looks like he's going to stick around.
Jake is currently losing all of his hair. It's the worst on his tail and feet, but one side of his body is pretty hairless as well. We think he's allergic to grass. Not such a great thing for a dog! Jake still has very wonky eyes, but he can see enough to get around. He isn't doing well with potty training at all, but we appear to have moved from the "pee on the couch or wherever I am" stage to the "I think I should pee over by the door" stage. Maybe--possibly--he might eventually be potty trained? If not, it's diapers for Jake!
The biggest issue we have right now is his tendency to be aggressive. =-( He plays VERY aggressively, but (even worse) he will snap at the little kids if they try to pick him up when he doesn't want to be picked up. Right now he's too little to do much damage, but that's something that has to stop. The sad thing is, I really feel like it goes back to the little guy's brain damage. I don't know how trainable he will be. But we shall see. When you look past his baldness and wonky eye and tendency to bite, he's one sweet puppy! We love him! ;-)


Story of our Life 8:58 PM  

On the 'biting' issue.

We have a 6 mo. old Beier Yorkshire...she does the same thing. If she doesn't want my son to pick her up - she will do this 'voice type growling' and snap at him.

Up until 3-4 weeks ago she would pee ANYWHERE - including when someone came to the house she would 'introduce herself' and in doing so she would pee on your shoes.

HUGS!! Hopefully, things will get better for him (and you).

Andy and Jennifer 5:08 AM  

Hi Anita-

Has he been to the vet? What does s/he say? The biting if he's being picked up - I kind of wonder if any of his issues have him in some level of pain and the snapping could come from that?
Poor lil poochie! He sure is a cutie!

A. Gillispie 11:25 AM  

Jennifer, yes, he's been to the vet and been tested for mange, etc. It was negative. As far as we can tell he's in no pain. The bald areas aren't pussy and he never itches at them. He play vigorously all the time now, shich I wouldn't think a dog in pain would do. We shall see!