Monday, August 23, 2010

JBF Sale Results

Fall/Winter Wardrobe for 4 Gillispie kids!
Awesome shoes for Gillispie kids!

[This is just for you other crazy bargain shoppers who love to look at other peoples' kids clothes--just like I do! LOL!]

So, I got a pre-pass from Eric's friend to attend the 9am pre-sale at Just Between Friends consignment sale here in Tulsa. This is the FIRST round of pre-passes. Treasured pass, this one. It was super nice of Eric's co-worker to give it. We lost Jake the night before and I was in NO mood to shop. In fact, I said I wasn't going to go. But when the next morning rolled around I knew I would feel too guilty if I didn't go. Plus, losing a puppy doesn't diminish the fact that the kids need fall/winter clothes. Off I went...

I walked in and they actually had about 20 hanging racks for shoppers to use. I'm talking, 6 foot long metal hanging racks on rollers. PERFECT when shopping for 4 kids. Much better than my 3 Aldi bags (although Aldi bags ARE the best reusable grocery bags EVER--I shall give them as Christmas gifts, yes I shall). I digress....

I started with the most high demand clothes--3t for Kendi. However, there are also more 3t clothes than bigger sizes. The racks were PACKED so tightly I really couldn't look through everything. I just love little girl clothes. It's so hard to stop! For this reason, Kendi ended up with the most clothes. ;-)
The total was 13 shirts; 6 pants; 6 dresses; and 1 winter clothes for $107 ($4.11 per item average).Here are some of my favorites. I *loved* getting that 3 piece outfit in the middle for $3.50--new with tags!
This is by far my favorite item for Kendi. How gorgeous is this? Didn't realize when I bought it, but this is "Baby Lulu" brand. This dress probably cost around $50 new and was worn once. I got it for $10. This was Kendi's "luxury" item and she will wear it on Thanksgiving!
Next up is Taevy. Girls size 10/12 is not so popular. Fewer items, so I needed to get there before the good stuff was gone. Taevy is at the age now where I feel like I have to buy to her tastes (to an extent!) rather than what I would dress here in (frills and lace and "girly" stuff). So she got lots of long sleeve tees, with jeans/pants. Her spring wardrobe was almost all skirts, so she will have some that transition over (with leggings) for winter.
The total was 12 shirts; 1 hoodie; 1 long sweater coat; and 6 bottoms (khakis, jeans, etc.) for $98 or $4.90 an item.
Here are some Taevy highlights, including Abercrombie, Children's Place, Gap, and Justice items.

Next up was Bright. Am I alone in thinking that boys just aren't as fun to shop for--especially used/consignment clothing. Boys are rough on their clothes, so not as much "survives" them and what is there is more expensive than the girls' stuff! I wasn't totally in love with anything I got the boys even though I still got great deals. Just no pics. ;-)

For Bright I got 13 shirts; 1 jacket; 1 winter coat; and 4 pants for $67 or $3.52 average per item. His favorite was an OU windsuit that I got for $6. That's my boy!

For Samren I got 9 shirts; 3 hoodies (he loves hoodies); and 4 pants for a total of $72 or $4.50 average per item. Samren's favorite was a brown and red Gap hoodie we got for $4.

I was in and outta there in 2 hours, dripping sweat and happy with my purchases. These weren't the best prices, because it was earlier in the sale when most things are name brands (Gap, Gymboree, Justice, etc.). I'd say 90% of the clothes are those brand names that I would never be able to buy at retail prices, so the deals were still awesome comparatively.


Michelle 9:35 AM  

I totally agree with you on the boy clothes although I do get a strange feeling of glee when I buy orange clothes for Zebby and even Ben looks good in orange. I am not sure my girls could pull off orange! I know I can't!

Heather A. 11:45 AM  

Love it!!! It's so weird, but I always look forward to THIS post each year! I'm such a dork!