Monday, August 09, 2010

Lovely Day!

Today was such a lovely day that I just had to share with my bloggy friends! ;-)

The daddy left promptly at 3:45 this morning to catch his 5:30am flight to VA. He made it safely and, reportedly, has had a good day hanging out with his colleagues. We miss the daddy, but it also means it's sort of a more laid back day for us. No taking Eric to work right during breakfast time, or picking him up right when I would (in my dreams) be preparing a wonderful dinner for the family.

We relaxed this morning but got serious about the day at 11am. The big kids started their modified homeschool program, which went swimmingly! We did spelling and Christian Ed around the kitchen table, followed by Math, English, SS, and Science on Time4Learning, plus additional math worksheets provided by T4L. All of this while I was able to not only keep up on my work, but make headway on projects that have been waiting in the wings! They didn't do as much as they will be doing in the future, but it was a GREAT first day.

I didn't have it together enough to do all of the hands-on perfectly preschool activities I want to do with the little ones each day, but things were better than last week, when I felt like I failed them completely! At least there were individual hugs and cuddles, with a few flashcards and coloring mixed in.

We stayed up on the housework AND managed to make headway on "extras" like cleaning out from under the furniture and scrubbing down some icky parts of the floor!

Dinner was simple ("college spaghetti" aka spaghetti and sauce with no meat!) but was on the table at 6:15.

At 6:30 I hopped into a conference call with the founder of the new charter school the kids will (hopefully) be a part of. Totally impressed. Many questions answered. Only one area of concern. I think it's totally cool that the founder of this school hands out his personal cell phone number along with a "Call anytime!" (and I can tell he means it). So far, I'm an Epic fan.

Now it's 8pm and the children are all outside working off their end-of-the-day energy.

If I'm being honest, I seem to have more get up and go when Eric is away. There's something inside me that says I must stay on top of it or it will be a crazy mess when he gets home! There are things that I lean on him for when he's here, that I know I have to suck it up and do when he's away. And there is something about not losing 1.5 hours of my day to driving that seems to make a HUGE difference in the over all success of the day. I love you honey, but I wish you had a personal driver that was NOT named Anita!

Anyway, it was a lovely day. A very good day. A day I can look back on as a success during future yucky days!