Monday, August 02, 2010

Nothing in particular...

You know it's hot outside when you stand in front of an a/c vent in your house to try to freeze yourself before your run outside and get into the scalding hot car--hoping that your skin won't thaw out and start sweating before the car a/c kicks in! I am so sick of 100+ days. Where is fall? I miss you fall!

Speaking of fall, we have started back to school. Well, maybe we're just dipping our feet in again to get the hang of it. Taevy was so bored all summer and completely ready to dive back in. She's begging for more! Samren, not so much. Samren would feel his life complete if he were allowed to read books, watch TV, and play video games 24/7 for the rest of his life. He has very little motivation for anything else, which is currently getting on my last nerve! He gets to sleep in the 95 degree upstairs tonight because of his poor attitude during school today. [The kids usually get to sleep downstairs if the temps outside are 95 or higher, because our upstairs is SUPER hot.]

The little kids are bored out of their minds. It is truly so hot outside right now. We are all stir-crazy. They are sick of inside activities (as am I). I'm considering whether or not it might be good to have them go to a mother's day out for a few days a week, a few hours a day. I think it might be good for them to have more experiences in a larger group of kids, and it would give the big kids and I some super focused homeschool time. We're pretty committed to homeschooling at this point, but I do think my big kids had valuable experiences when they were 3-5 and went to preschool part time. Might be something fun for the littles to do. We'll see.

Jake, our new little puppy, is not doing well. I don't think he'll be with us much longer. He's having seizures very often. I've had another dog with seizures in the past, but she was silent. Jake cries out in pain the entire time. It's awful to witness. Pretty sure he's losing brain function each time he has a seizure, as he doesn't seem to come back to the same level as before. At the same time, he is moving around better than he was when we got him. He even sort of jumped over a blade of grass the other day! LOL! It figures that this little puppy would totally capture my heart, and not be able to stay with us long. =-( I don't know if he will pass on his own or if it will get to the point that we feel he would be better off being euthanized.



Sister Beta 9:12 AM  

Aw, sorry about your pup. :(

Do y'all have indoor play areas and sprinkler parks? Maybe it's becuase Texas is so darn hot most of the time, but if it weren't for indoor playgrounds and sprinkler parks....I don't think I could survive a summer with kids! That, and MDO! ;)

Also, our Chick-Fil-As have free wi-fi and super cold play areas...maybe take the kids at an off time and bring your comp so you can work while they play in the cool? Just a thought...

A. Gillispie 3:27 PM  

Great ideas! Thanks! We have splash parks here, but my light-skinned kids and I would be fried in just a few minutes! Not many indoor playgrounds around here (or maybe I'm just out of the loop), but I LOVE your Chick-Fil-A idea!