Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Survey on the Blog

**Updated** Thanks for all of the comments. I'm sorry that a small portion are having a difficult time viewing the blog! Not sure what it would be since I just use your basic 'ol blogger and a canned free blog background (hot diggity blog). I know at least a few that are having issues are having the issue when they click over from Google Reader (or other RSS feed). Maybe that is the case with all? I'll change the setting so that the whole post goes to feed rather than just a blip.**

Hey! Someone said that when they click over to my blog to read my posts the first paragraph looks weird or some of the text is covered up by the background. Is anybody else having this program? Obviously, it all loads fine for me, but I'd rather like it if you all could read it too! Let me know!


CarrieT 12:44 PM  

No problems here. Your blog shows up fine on my computer. I always enjoy reading it!

Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea

Cora 12:54 PM  

It looks fine here, I use both Chrome and Explorer. Sometimes I have problems with sites in Chrome but I have not seen that with yours.

Sister Beta 1:32 PM  

Looks fine to me!

Heather A. 2:03 PM  

Testing, testing. Looks fine here!

Gina 2:06 PM  

Looks great from here. I am using Firefox though.

Beckie Sibley 3:16 PM  

It looks fine to me. I checked on both Safari and Firefox.

The Last Crusade 4:03 PM  

Never had a problem.

CS 4:55 PM  

I have to highlight your whole page in order to read as on my computer the whole screen is yellow so I can't read!

I use explorer!

Cindy 5:10 PM  

Looks great when I check in : )

Nadia 6:58 PM  

I can't see a thing, the page is totally white..I can see photo's and that's it..I have to highlight it to see the writing. I use explorer.

KamPossible 7:36 PM  

I have trouble when I view your blog via my RSS feeder, I too have to highlight to read. But if I go directly to the website I do not have a problem...

Ask those who can't see it if the are using a feeder or if they are going direct to your page. I can see it fine on ie and safari.

Junior Junction Childcare 8:31 PM  

I read on my Droid and yours is the one blog I have issues with. Only a small portion loads at a time, and I have to refresh to read each new section.

FullPlateMom 8:10 AM  

When I check it on my iphone, the text will load in odd portions. On my PC, via Safari, it looks great!