Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kendi, medication progress!

Kendi has taken her "little medicine" 3 times in a row BY MOUTH! ["Little medicine" is what we call the delayed gastric emptying medicine she takes, because she only takes 1ml.] This is HUGE progress for Kendi and I am so proud of her!

She was honestly traumatized when we had to force feed her medications to her in January (before we got the g-tube). Since then she hasn't been able to take ANY medication by mouth (cold medicine, etc.). It's all gone down the tube. If the child seems a spoon or syringe coming toward her mouth she goes into trauma mode. If you manage to pry her hands away from her mouth, she will then gag and throw up. Every. Time. Until yesterday!

Yesterday I just came at her with the 1 ml of medicine while she was eating lunch. I matter of factly said, "Here ya go." and before she knew it it was in her mouth and she had swallowed. Of course we made a HUGE deal about it. And we continue to make a HUGE deal about it every time she does it!

I pushed my luck tonight when it was time for HIV medicines. No go. Not at all. I didn't force the issue and down the tube it went. I'm so very encouraged that we have made a tiny amount of progress with ANY medicine.

Way to go Kendi!

P.S. Doesn't she look like she has a lot of hair in this pic?!


Heather A. 8:44 AM  

Kendi looks so PERFECTLY HEALTHY and hairy in this pic! Congrats to her on taking her medicine!

Cora 10:57 AM  

Anita, I love this picture it's almost hard to believe she it the same little girl you brought home a year ago. So proud of Kendi for taking medicine by mouth what a huge step!
Go Kendi!!
Take care, Cora

Nadia 7:00 PM  

that was my first thought when I saw her..WOW her hair sure is doing well!! :)

Tricia 10:59 AM  

She is such a beautiful girl.