Monday, September 27, 2010

Kindle Crazy..

Okay, I admit it. I want something that's a total luxury. I want something that I completely do not NEED. But I want it. I wouldn't have wanted it a year or two ago for $400, but for $139, I want it.


Anybody have one of these?

I do not have an Ipad. I do not have a blackberry/droid/iPhone (or anything phone-like device with internet). I use a $250 lap top. My kids don't have a DSi or other similar gaming systems. We aren't a super duper techy family.

But reading? Yeah. I love to read. Reading is my release. Every night I take my sleeping medication (chronic insomnia here) and I read until I can't read anymore. I go through a LOT of books. I'm not good at going to the library, which means I end up spending a lot of money on books.

I figure I could "pay back" a Kindle in about 3 months. There are over a million books you can read for FREE once you get one! And when you buy a book it might be $6-$10 rather than $12-$20.

Hubby knew I was pheaming over the Kindle. And (horror of horrors!) I ran out of books this weekend! He was planning to get it for our family for Christmas, but he found money in the budget to allow me to buy it this weekend instead. [Still counts as my Christmas gift.]

I'm so excited!!! I just know our family is going to get a lot out of this little device. It's so much more than just a book reader. Even Eric, who hasn't really been able to read a book since he became legally blind in 1997, will be able to "read" books on this thing! It will read the books to him OR he can blow up the font big enough to read it himself! Awesome!!!

Thank you, sweet hubby, for loving me so very much. I know buying doesn't equal love, but it touches me that you would get this for me/us now. I feel very spoiled, my dear!


Cora 2:37 PM  

You are going to LOVE it. I love mine. When you are thinking about buying a book, download the sample first, you can read the whole first chapter for free before deciding if you want to spend the money.
Did I mention that I love mine? because it's pretty cool and it will keep my luggage weight down on that trip to China in a couple months!
Enjoy, you deserve it.

Mireille 4:03 PM  

I just stumbled upon your blog, and yes I LOVE my Kindle too. No traveling with a suitcase full of books anymore, just 1 device. Go for it, you will LOVE it as well!! Greetings from South Africa!

Kait 7:22 PM  

I am SO jealous! :-) I want a Kindle so badly. I'm hoping I can convince my husband it would make a great Christmas gift or that it's a "must have" for the trip to Lesotho next spring.

Bingaling 8:16 PM  

It is so funny that you posted this...I have been thinking about ordering one myself this past week. I just told Zack that I really wanted one. Please do let us know how you like it once you get it. I've been thinking about how much bookshelf space it will save us...and the fact that I wouldn't have to carry heavy books on trips, etc. Plus, it could be really fun to get some of the older kids' classics (like Treasure Island) for free to read to the kids.

A. Gillispie 9:57 PM  

Cora, your post about the Kindle really sealed the deal for me. That's when I really started telling Eric about it!

Mireille, thanks for reading and commenting. Looks like you have QUITE the adventurous life! Wow! South Africa!!

Kait, I seriously think the Kindle is going to be cool for the whole family. The kids are really looking forward to it. Easy to justify when the whole family can use it!

Chanda, just think of those trees we'll be saving! LOL! And did you know the battery keeps a charge for like a month?! It holds up to like 3500 books!

Mama D.'s Dozen 5:17 PM  

Okay ... I've never even really looked into these, but it is sounding better all the time. Please tell me how you like actually reading books on it.

Whenever we take a trip, whether for a weekend or a month, I always have a heavy book bag with me. Hmmm... I like the idea of a Kindle.

Can't wait to hear more about it once you and the kids have started using it.

Laurel :)

Jen 5:58 PM  

I too have been considering it. I was going to get it in May but finances did not permit it. I have not read a book in forever and I love to read so I think it would allow me to get back to it.

That is awesome! Enjoy your kindle!