Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweating Remedy

So, one of the side-effects of the medication I take for Fibromyalgia is excessive sweating. Nice, right? Ugh. I'm not talking about a nice feminine glow. I'm talking about sweating to the point that I can literally ring out my hair and make a puddle on the ground--in the middle of Target! I carry a hanky with me everywhere now, and it's gotten so bad that I want to shy away from social situations (church, homeschool group, dates, etc.) because I feel like such a freak. I feel like people must thing I'm sweating because I'm fat. I am fat, but that's not why I'm sweating!

I went to a doctor's appointment today and told her that while my pain is much more controlled than six months ago, the sweating is really affecting my day to day life. I think that unless people see me on a regular basis they really can't imagine how bad it is. When I do hang out with friends I try to keep fanning myself and stay as still as possible because any little bit of movement can start a whole episode.

OF COURSE, at the doctor's appointment I am only glistening--not dropping barrels like usual. I tried to will myself to sweat, but couldn't! I could tell that she believed me, but she hadn't seen it. It's either take the medicine that helps my fibro and sweat, or don't sweat and be in a lot more pain. At this point I'm not sure which one is worse!

My lovely doctor (who happens to be Asian) thought about it for a moment and really came up with no medical solutions. However, she did give me a good talk about how some bodies are always on the cooler side and some bodies are always on the warmer side. I have a "warm body." She says I need to do things to "cool" my insides. My body is out of balance and needs more "cool."

The prescription for today?

No hot drinks.

Drink only cold drinks with lots of ice.

Drink MORE liquid than usual. She feels that if I am better hydrated I may sweat less. (Huh?!)

Take cooler showers.

There ya go folks! I'll let you know how this anti-sweating prescription words out. Somehow I'm not too optimistic. =-(

P.S. I actually really like my doctor, and don't think that Asian medicine is "wacky." I just wish there was a magic "stop sweating" pill!


Nadia 8:22 PM  

I am the same..I sweat A LOT!(not on meds either LOL) like go through a deodorant in a week kind of sweat..and not just the pits, but everywhere...and I'm telling you..WATER WORKS. I HATE with a passion anything makes me so much more soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc. I drink ice cold stuff in the dead of winter and it's soo good lol. Since we invested in a water cooler and buy bottled culligan water so it's COLD COLD I drink a ton more. (like minimum 8-12 glasses a day)

Rachel 10:47 AM  

I'm not on meds but I tend to sweat a lot too - mostly around my head and face (lovely). I agree that I sweat less when I drink more water. Also, when I shower I go ahead and take a nice warm one if I want but then the last few minutes of the shower I turn the water as cold as I can stand to get my body cooled off. It helps a lot with keeping my temperature more even throughout the day.