Friday, September 24, 2010

Crochet: Wonky Afghan

The first crochet project of the year is completed. It is definitely not anything to brag about, but it will keep someone warm like the prettiest afghan around! I started this at the end of last "crochet season" (roughly September to February of each year, for me).

I like how it sort of looks "wonky" in design.

This picture doesn't show it well, but I did a criss-cross stitch as the border. I just love the criss-cross stitch!

Taevy was the surprised recipient of this afghan. I've made all of the other kids afghans over the last few years. I've started 3 different afghans for Taevy. The thing is, I know Taevy cares the most about "her afghan", which put pressure on me to make it perfect! They were never good enough--those afghans I started and gave up on. This time I didn't allow myself to be pressured. She didn't know it was hers. She was so surprised when I gave it to her, and walks around with it on all the time. Last night I went up after midnight just to watch the kids while they were sleeping, and Taevy was all cuddled up with her afghan. Makes me feel good.

Now, on to project #2, for a certain new baby in the family!


Cindy 11:17 AM  

Totally awesome! I am so glad that she loves it!

Cora 11:46 AM  

Love it! What a wonderful surprise for Taevy.

Tricia 11:46 AM  

I would brag.