Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4.5 Earthquake!

Raise your hand if you knew that Oklahoma is the 3rd most seismic active state in the union? True! If you grow up in OK you hear this tidbit often, along with the fact that we have hundreds of tiny earthquakes a year. The largest recorded earthquake in OK took place in 1952 and was a 5.5.

This morning a magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit, with the epicenter near Norman Oklahoma (where University of Oklahoma is). The rumblings were felt as far away as Wichita, KS and Dallas, TX!

Since I was born in 1976 there hasn't been one this big. I've never felt an earthquake before. Today was a first. And since it was so minor, it was sort of fun to have that experience--not that I knew I was feeling an earthquake at the time!

It was around 9am and I was sleeping in. About that time I felt a dog sitting against our bed scratching, making the bed shake. [So annoying--happens a lot here!] But guess what? Dogs were outside. That was just the earth shaking my bed. LOL!

The kids didn't know what happened either. They thought there must be some major construction going on outside. My rocking chair started rocking, and they said the TV started shaking back and forth. Taevy told Samren, "Save the TV!" so they both ran over there to steady it. [Umm...I know...priorities, right?!]

I think if I would have been awake enough to know it wasn't a dog scratching against my bed, I probably would have wondered if it was another bombing. I was in Norman/OU when the Oklahoma City boming happened, and we definitely felt that, along with what sounded like thunder.

Thankful it was just a little earthquake, with no damage, and no bombing!


Cora 3:26 PM  

Wow, sounds like some excitement. My great aunt in OK said she didn't feel it because she was already shaken :)